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 Introduction & Farewell Rules

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PostSubject: Introduction & Farewell Rules   Tue Jul 12, 2016 8:54 pm

Welcome to Introductions & Farewells, where you announce the moment you join the community, or inform everyone of your departure. This however does not come without rules, and it is important that you read this before making a post here.

Rule 1. Do not mention your previous Runescape Private Servers, it is considered advertising and you will be punished. You are permitted to say that you have recently left another server, but naming it is against the general Forum Rules.

Rule 2. Be polite in Farewells. Even if you have been banned, do not go and turn your farewell into a personal attack or a rage thread; should you insult players or members, you will be punished, regardless of whether you are leaving or not.

Rule 3. Follow the General Forum Rules. These can be found here- http://www.frissonscape.net/t4-forum-rules this will give you an idea of what could result in a punishment. Pay specific attention to sections such as Gravedigging. Doing this will ensure you will know all of the rules; and therefore will not get punished.

Rule 4. Do not post anything regarding illegal content. Any Adult Material, comments of a racist of homophobic nature, or discussion of illegal substances will result in you being punished appropriately. It doesn't matter whether the material in question is not 'illegal where you live', if it is illegal where other's live, then it is illegal on Frissonscape. Common Sense applies here.

Hopefully now you are fully aware of the rules which apply in this section, thank you for reading and enjoy browsing and posting on the forums!
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Introduction & Farewell Rules
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